Our Disinfection Service for :
Commercial Office, Warehouse, Child care, Clinic, School and Residential 

  • Eliminates 99.99% of germs and viruses

  • Fog disinfectant solution in to the air.

  • Wipe down of FTA.

  • Supplies of all material sand technicians(including full PPE).

  • Hospital gradedis infectant solution registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Disinfectant solution will be Bio-fogged into the fixtures,ceiling and walls.

Kill Covid-19 with reservation call:
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Regular Cleaning and Disinfecting

Studies show that the viruses can live and potentially infect a person for few days after being deposited on a surface.Depend on the availability of moisture it will remain active. Regular cleaning and disinfecting practices are sufficient enough to keep the surfaces germ free.

Right Chemical at the Right Concentration

Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations on cleaning products. General house hold cleaning chemicals are able to remove germs from the surfaces.
List of Disinfectants effective against viruses are presented in the NEA,Singapore website.

Personnel Protective Equipment(PPE)

Read carefully the labels and direction of use. Always wear gloves and eye to protect your hands while handling disinfectants. Do not mix different disinfectants /chemicals.

Clean and Disinfect Service

Procedure to Clean and Disinfect commercial office to help slow the spread to viruses.
Below are some suggestions on how to slow the spread of viruses specifically through cleaning and disinfecting.
Clean and disinfect the surfaces that are frequently touched Routine cleaning and disinfecting the frequently touched surfaces, such as door knobs ,lift buttons , telephones, workstations ,keyboards ,mouse etc are the utmost important to slow the spread of viruses.