Laundry & Care service

Laundry & Care service

Start pampering your clothes

  • Sort your clothes before washing them.

  • Read the care labels.

  • Treat stains right away.

  • Launder T-shirts in cold water.

  • Wash jeans infrequently and inside-out.

  • Hand-wash delicates in cold water and let them air-dry.

  • Press or air-dry dress shirts after washing them.

  • Clean delicate fabrics carefully so they don’t get ruined.

  • Avoid overloading your dryer.
  • Iron specific fabrics at their recommended temperatures.
  • Hang up your clothing with wooden and padded hangers.
  • Stick with plastic for long-term storage.
  • Mend your clothes as needed.

  • Clean your jewelry gently.

  • Clean and store your shoes properly.


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