Daily Speedy Clean: Kitchen

When it comes time to cleaning the kitchen with the speedy clean method, aim to do it after breakfast and also after the preparation of your evening meal. Complete the following routine after each usage to maintain a polished kitchen daily:

  • Wash all dishes, dry them and put them away.By doing the entire process of washing the dishes every-time, you can easily avoid playing the ‘tower stack’ game where dishes continually pile up until someone has to put them all away as mentioned in the spring clean method.
  • Wipe down all surfaces and appliances with a surface spray and cloth. Don’t forget to do handles and knobs like; Fridge door, cabinet knobs, microwave buttons, kettle handle, toaster button etc.
  • Wipe down the stove elements, oven door and over fan ( don’t forget the switchers).
  • Keep up-to-date with your refrigerator by surveying food entering and food currently residing in it. If any item is protruding an unpleasant smell, remove it. Quickly wipe down each shelf of the refrigerator just in case anything has leaked. By doing this every-day it again helps avoid a lengthy and grueling clean that usually gets done whenever you get around to doing it.
  • Sweep or hoover the flooring to remove any items that may have been dropped. By doing this regularly, you are removing the risk of contracting mice or rats.
  • If you have any mirrors or windows in your kitchen, do a quick wipe over with paper towel and Windex or however you like to clean windows

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