Daily Speedy Clean: Living / Dining Room

Living / Dining Room. This room may be one of the most central areas in your house. Guests and Visitors will most likely reside in this area the most so by keeping it fairly clean, they will assume the rest of the house is like it; even if the rest of the house isn’t completely spot-less. Follow these steps daily for the spring cleaning method to maintain order in your living room:

  • Wipe down cabinets, coffee-tables and television with a damp micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and other residue.
  • If you have leather seating, again use the damp micro-fiber cloth to wipe them down. If however you have fabric seating, fend to brush surplus lint, fluff and pet hair with a lint roller.
  • If you have windows to the exterior, speedily clean each-one daily to remove obvious marks. Studies suggest that a room that has clean windows and flooring will automatically be seen as orderly even if there is dust and grime in obvious places.
  • Re-arrange décor if it has been misplaced. ( positioning cushions, straightening picture frames etc).
  • Wipe down dining table after every use. Clean daily with a disinfectant spray.
  • Hoover the flooring and also mop if you have tile or wooden floor boards.

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